Oster duraceramic panini maker and grill review

If you are a true lover of grilled and toasted food, then you have come to the right place. According to Oster Duraceramic Panini maker and grill review, it is the right kitchen appliance for your home. You can finally create amazing meals from the many recipe books you have been collecting over the years.




Thanks to the unit, you can have delicious and hot meals at any time of the day be it at breakfast, lunchtime and dinner. It can cook food on both plates thanks to its Panini configuration. As a cook, you can use the grill when you fold the top plate all the way back. This flat design helps to increase the cooking area allowing you to prepare a wide variety of meals.

Its non stick cooking plates offer fuss free cooking and they are easy to clean.

Product Features

Open flat design

According to Oster Duraceramic Panini maker and grill review, the open flat design enables one to have 2 appliances in one. The open flat design increases the cooking surface area tremendously. This allows one to prepare different meals on each plate at the same time.

The open flat design can be configured easily and all one has to do is move the handle to the opposite site. This allows the plates to be positioned opposite each other. One can grill sandwiches or even vegetables and meat.

The open flat design has another advantage – ease of monitoring the food being grilled. This helps to prevent any food from overcooking or even becoming charred due to burning.

Ribbed ceramic non stick plates

The Panini grill is fitted with unique non stick cooking plates that are coated with ceramic. Unlike others which are coated with Teflon, ceramic is known to retain heat which helps to cook food faster than other types of plates.

The coating is also durable and is scratch resistant which makes it suitable for use even with stainless kitchen appliances like forks and spoons. Furthermore, it is more durable and its non stick which means food particles get off easily making it easy to clean.

The unit does not allow the ceramic plates to be removable which can make cleaning to be a little hectic. It eliminates the capability of machine washing the plates. It is also ribbed so every meal you cook will have the grill marks.

Adjustable feet

According to Oster Duraceramic Panini maker and grill review, the unit has adjustable feet and they are highly advantageous. For starters, the ceramic scratch resistant plates cannot be removed so one cannot machine wash them.

During cooking, grease does collect on the plates and this can be difficult to clean. It can also drip into the insides of the machine leading to a foul smell and even damage to electronic components. The adjustable feet are beneficial in that they help to address the problem of grease collection on the plates.

As a user, you can adjust the feet to any height allowing the grease to flow into the drip cups. This makes cleaning to be easier and you don’t have to worry about grease finding its way into the machine insides.

Temperature control

In order to start cooking on the Panini grill, you need to have the plates heated up. To do this, you need a dial that is able to control the temperature levels. This is available and it’s located on the front of the grill.

The dial is simple to use and it provides a way of managing the heat on the plates. A red and green light are available. The red light indicates that the power is on while the green light indicates that the grill maker is ready to start cooking.

One downside of the temperature control is that it lacks a dual temperature capability where each plate’s temperature can be set at its own level. With the single temperature control dial, the user will have to contend with the same temperature for both plates.

2 drip cups and cleaning tools

The Panini grill comes with 2 drip cups which help with catching grease and prevent it from dripping insides the machine. This also helps to ease cleaning as the grease can be cleaned off. The two drip cups can be used for both cooking plates. This has been made available as the two plates are not removable which ultimately leads to the use of dripping cups.

A cleaning tool is also available and is made of hard plastic. This lowers friction levels on the scratch resistant plates and allows for easy cleaning.


  • It has an open design which increases the cooking surface area
  • It can be used as a Panini grill and one can cook healthier meals.
  • It has adjustable feet which help to ease cleaning and allow for grease collection in drip cups.
  • The ceramic coating is non stick which makes cleaning to be easier.
  • The ceramic coating is also free from PTFE and PFOA.


  • The temperature control is not dual zone in that it cannot control the temperature of each cooking plates separately
  • No temperature levels are indicated around the dial.
  • The ceramic plates are not removable which can make cleaning to be difficult.


Are the cooking plates removable?

What are the overall dimensions of the Panini grill?

Final Verdict

According to Oster Duraceramic Panini maker and grill review, the unit is well liked by many people. The simple temperature control, the adjustable feet, the non stick and durable ceramic cooking plates are endearing to customers.

The appliance has a few cons which include lack of temperature indicators and lack of a dual zone temperature control. This would be useful in controlling individual cooking plates temperature and prevent food from burning.

​All in all, it’s a great appliance and I would recommend buyers to invest in it.


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