Frigidaire Professional 5 in 1 panini grill and griddle review

I have always had a thing for smart kitchen gadgets but like most of you, my kitchen cannot fit all the gadgets I desire. Over the years, I have had the chance of window shopping for portable grills and I have been fascinated with the technology they come with.

Frigidaire Professional grill griddle review

During this time, I have encountered many readers who always ask this one question – how do I go about buying the right kitchen appliance. Yes, it can be a daunting task when it comes to shopping for the right kitchen gadget.

Not only do you have to consider the space and price of the gadget but also power usage, its versatility anad temperature control in some cases.

Here is the Frigidaire Professional 5 in 1 Panini grill and griddle review.

Frigidaire Professional Product Features

5-in-1 grilling versatility

According to Frigidaire Professional 5 in 1 Panini grill and griddle review, the reversible and removable plates allow for five different cooking modes. They include contact grill, dual grill, dual griddle, half grill/half griddle and Panini Press. This provides the ultimate flexibility as you can prepare a wide range of meals.

Frigidaire Professional grill griddle review

Using available recipes online, one can prepare simple meals like grilled chicken, roasted jalapenos and sandwiches with different kinds of fillings. Others that can be prepared include pancakes and sausages which are great for business.

Thanks to the many cooking options, one can prepare as many as six sandwiches at once. If you have a big family, you can finally feed them with ease during breakfast, snack time, lunch and dinner. Thanks to the internet, thousands of recipes are available online which can be prepared with the unit.

Premium stainless exterior

The body of the 5-in-1 grill is covered with premium stainless steel. Stainless steel is known to have a unique ability. It does not corrode, cannot be damaged by heat and is impervious to chemical damage. The material has a high strength duplex grade which helps to provide added strength and allows for reduced thickness of the material.

This leads to reduced costs and that’s why it is widely used on the grill. As a buyer, you are looking for a kitchen gadget that will last for long and provide you with the much needed service for a long time. The use of stainless steel assures you of durability even when the unit is knocked around by other kitchen objects. As a mom, you can pass on the grill to your daughter when she grows up and starts life in a new apartment.

Removable non stick plates

The grill and griddle reversible and removable non stick plates can either be used as a grill press or a flat griddle. The non stick material used helps to prevent food particles from sticking especially during grilling and pressing.

Frigidaire Professional grill griddle review

It also means that the plates are easy to clean. All you have to do is remove them from the unit, clean any food particles lying around and finally place them in the dishwasher for the final wash.

As non stick plates, they are resistant to scratches but if steel forks and metal appliances are used, it is bound to leave a few scratches.

To prevent this, you can opt for to use care when handling food being cooked on the grill. Thanks to the ease of cleaning the plates, you have more time to entertain your guests or bond with family members.

240 Square inch of cooking surface

When you have a large family, preparing meals can be hectic. Furthermore, if you find kitchen appliances that have a small surface area, you have to be content with using many in order to fulfill your meal order.

According to Frigidaire Professional 5 in 1 Panini grill and griddle review, the product has a surface area of 240 square inch. This is attributed to its open flat design which allows for the unit non stick plate to lie side by side.

The large cooking surface allows for preparation of several meals at one. You can be grilling sausages and preparing pancakes at the same time. This will surely save time on preparing meals and you can satisfy your large family quickly with hot meals.

Pro select dual zone temperature controls

At home, it can be quite frustrating when preparing meals for a large family. If you use traditional cooking methods where you have a cooker and several pots, your kitchen will be filled with steam within a short time.

Frigidaire Professional grill griddle review

When using several kitchen appliances in order to prepare meals, it can be quite difficult to effectively monitor what is happening. You can even end up burning some of the food and this will surely trigger the smoke detector alarm which is not a pleasant experience.

The Frigidaire Professional 5 in 1 Panini grill has dual zone temperature controls. These are useful when using the open flat design of the unit. You can set temperatures for each cooking plate separately finally cooking at the ideal temperature.

This not only prevents the food from burning but it adds a sense of flexibility


  • It is 5-in-1 grill and griddle appliance that provides a wide variety of cooking options
  • The outer shell is made of stainless steel which assures the user of long term use
  • It has non stick plates which are removable and machine washable
  • It offers a large cooking surface area thanks to the open flat design
  • The dual zone temperature controls allow for setting of different temperatures for each cooking plate


  • It takes awhile to heat up which can be attributed to the large surface area
  • Grease may pool in the plates instead of draining into the drip tray


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Final Verdict

The Frigidaire Professional 5 in 1 Panini grill is one of the best kitchen appliances that will surely save time when it comes to preparing meals. The open flat design lowers the time for preparing meals.

The removable and non stick plates are great and machine washable. The dual control temperature settings ensure that each cooking plate has its own temperature.

The one downside of the unit that may require a few modifications is its ability to drain grease. This has become a design flaw and the unit cannot drain grease into the drip tray well. All in all, I would recommend buyers to invest in the Frigidaire Professional 5 in 1 Panini grill


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