Top 10 Best Kitchen Degreaser Reviews

Mouth-Watering items that you cook in the kitchen leave a residue, spillages, greasy surface, and stains all over the place. Cleaning becomes irritating if you attempt with the wrong solution. No matter how hard you try to clean your kitchen stains with expensive soaps, it sometimes doesn't work.

However, if you use the best kitchen degreaser, its unique formula of ingredients and chemicals makes it a lot easier to remove thick grease, stains, as well as clean residue from the kitchen stove-top, countertop, walls, cabinets, and appliances.

Now, you might ask which one to get as there are so many options. To help you out, here are our top 10 degreaser recommendations for keeping your kitchen clean:

Things to Consider Before Buying a Kitchen Degreaser

Here are some key things that you should look for before getting a kitchen degreaser:


Not all the kitchen degreasers are as effective at cleaning grease and grime as others. However, if you prefer the strongest one available on Amazon, know that potent chemical substances might cause skin irritation; so, you have to wear gloves before using it. Also, stronger ones have a strong odor.

If you want to remove very thick and deep grease and grime, you should look for a stronger solution.


You can use all-purpose formulas both inside and outside the kitchen, which offers a great value to your investment. There are formulas that clean kitchen appliances as well as various parts, tools, machinery, automotive, etc.

Similarly, some products only work on washable materials, apart from dealing with the kitchen.

Also, consider the materials on the floor and walls of the kitchen too. If your kitchen has ceramic flooring or tiles or porcelain, make sure the product works on your desired material. Some all-purpose works on all types of floors and even carpets.


You should look for a non-flammable and non-toxic product. Otherwise, there might be consequences. Don’t use a toxic formula to clean your kitchen appliances and dishes, as the portion of chemical substances can mix with your food items.

10 Best Kitchen Degreaser Reviews

We have listed the products based on going through numbers of real user reviews as well as experts’ options on the web so that you can pick the right one that meets your needs.

​01. KRUD KUTTER KK32 Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser

The reason Krud Kutter K32 comes #1 on the list is because of its concentrated cleaning and degreasing properties of removing both stains and grease. Also, there is hardly any cleaning duty that this cleaner isn't able to take care of.

What we like :
  • ​Super active concentrated cleaning and degreasing properties
  • ​All-Purpose and versatile use.
  • ​Non-Toxic, water-based, and non-flammable that ensure safety.
  • No inorganic solvents and phosphates keep it environment-friendly.
  • No odor and fume.
What we don't like :
  • ​Doesn’t work effectively on old paint and coolant stains.
  • ​Can leave residue.

For cleaning the kitchen, you must ensure the solution is non-toxic and water-based so that it doesn't leave any chemical material that might make its way into the food. The degreaser is water-based and non-toxic; so, there will be no residue left on the surface, and at the same time, your kitchen will be free of toxic elements.

This specially made biodegradable solution can cut through oil as well as grease easily. No matter how messy your kitchen looks like and how much spillage it required you to make your delicious food items, K-32 degreaser can handle them all at ease.

Furthermore, its strong cleaning properties can also take care of your toughest and heavy-duty cleanings such as BBQ grill, oven, tub, sink, exhaust fan, tools, tile, whitewall, and many more.

You are getting one solution to every problem. There is no need to fill your cabinets with bottles upon bottles of solution for every cleaning purpose. This all-purpose cleaner can also be concentrated to 1 gallon of water to clean your home appliances, exterior siding, roofs, and various materials.

The solution is non-flammable and non-abrasive; so, there is nothing to worry about the lack of safety. 

It can be the best household degreaser to rule all cleaning matters in your household. The cleaner will replace the rest of the solutions and save you a lot of money.

​02. Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser

This degreaser from Go Gone works super-fast when it comes to clean your stoves, counters, pots pans, rang hoods, and many more. The effectiveness of its cleaning is also very impressive.

What we like :
  • ​Cleans and degreases quite fast.
  • ​Effectively cleans various kitchen appliances.
  • ​Leaves no harm to the surfaces.
  • ​Requires no hard scrubbing.
  • ​Leaves a pleasant scent.
What we don't like :
  • ​Not suitable for removing deep grease.

If you are looking for a powerful kitchen degreaser that will not let you down for specifically cleaning and degreasing your kitchen messes, you can rely on it. With its foaming formula, cleaning all your kitchen grime, grease, stains, baked-on food will be a matter of time.

Many strong degreasers clean food particles as well as grease from the surface, but it also takes away the shininess of it. Go Gone, make sure it doesn't happen to you. As the cleaner is biodegradable, there will be no harm to the surface whatsoever.

You can clean a wide variety of kitchen appliances as well. The solution works great on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Conventional products available on the market require you to scrub on the object so hard. Its powerful foam takes away this hassle from you as well. Surely, you will not be disappointed after seeing the outcomes.

The degreaser leaves a pleasant scent all-over the kitchen after you use it. Your kitchen room will not only look cleaner but also even fresher than before.

With its fast and effective working cleaning properties, the solution checks pretty much everything to be one of the best degreasers for the kitchen.

​03. Professional Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner Spray

Commercial grade kitchen cleaner, Lysol Antibacterial kitchen cleaning spray not only effectively cleans your kitchen, but also leaves no room for bacteria to grow up.

What we like :
  • ​Antibacterial cleaner.
  • ​Takes care of thick grease and grime in kitchen.
  • ​Can be used for professional purpose.
  • ​Doesn’t contain bleach or abrasives.
  • ​Spreads citrus scent.
What we don't like :
  • ​Smells very strong.
  • ​Expensive option.

The major selling point of this product is its antibacterial properties to clean kitchen stuff. It makes sure there are no bacteria left on the surfaces, and the environment is much healthier.

It checks all necessary aspects to be used even in healthcare facilities. The formula works great at killing bacteria such as salmonella, listeria monocytogenes, e-coli, staph, MRSA, and even HIV-1 (ADIS virus).

You can rely on this professional kitchen cleaner when it comes to cut through strong grease and grime. It easily cleans and removes grease and grimes from countertops, stove-tops, sinks, as well as various kitchen appliance exteriors.

The most dedicate place for grease and grime is the kitchen rooms of cafes and restaurants. If you own any of these, this cleaning formula can expertly tackle all messy things and spillage at ease. Also, breakrooms and cafeterias, where ensuring a neat and clean environment is the priority; the solution works like a charm.

Other than cleaning, if you want to keep the kitchen bacteria-free, you would require to wait two minutes to let this antibacterial cleaner to take care of bacteria and viruses.

The formula leaves a pleasant citrus scent all over the place and makes the environment fresh as well.

 Considering its antibacterial cleaning properties, it's a must to use the formula in commercial kitchen rooms as well as healthcare facilities.

​04. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Basil Kitchen Basic Set

This naturally derived cleaning set includes liquid dish soap, hand soap, and a multi-surface spray, which can be a great cleaning bridge for your kitchen room.

What we like :
  • ​Natural cleaning ingredients.
  • ​Pleasant basil scent.
  • ​Environment-Friendly.
  • ​A different solution to handle dishwashing and surface cleaning stuff.
What we don't like :
  • ​Not suitable for cleaning deep and thick grease.

Let's talk about its dishwashing soap first. The cleaner makes it very easy to clean your dishes. All you need to do is submerge the dishes in warm water in your sink and then lightly scrub across the dishes. It will effortlessly cut through the grease and make the dishes look clean and shiny.

When the dishes are done, you can use its hand soap to clean all the residue that sticks when the hands contact the greasy dishes. Also, you can use it to remove the impurities from the hands whenever you want. A little drop of it will be enough to moist your hands and clean it properly.

There is a multi-surface cleaner that you will get with the package. The formula works great when it comes to removing and clean residue and grease from kitchen surfaces such as countertops, stove-tops, and cabinets. This particular solution is the best degreaser for kitchen cabinets.

As cleaning the surfaces is more laborious than washing dishes, the manufacturer made this surface cleaning formula by using even stronger and effective cleaning components. All you need is to spray on the surface and wipe off to clean it.

Due to its different cleaning solutions for taking care of various tasks, this earth-friendly and cruelty-free cleaning package is a must one to have in your kitchen.

​05. Weber W62 Toxic 8 Oz Cleanser Grill Cleaner Spray

When it comes to cleaning your grill, this cleaner spray from Weber outperforms pretty much every conventional one with great pride.

What we like :
  • ​Professional level grill cleanser.
  • ​Non-Toxic and non-flammable.
  • ​Environment-Friendly product.
  • ​Cleans even when the grill is cool, saves money.
  • Versatile use.
  • No skin irritation while using it, no need of wearing gloves.
What we don't like :
  • ​Higher price compared to the size.

Specially formulated for cleaning the professional grill, you can also use it for cleaning your BBQ equipment. The formula can also effectively clean cookers, ovens, microwaves, smokers, and many more kitchen appliances. No matter how thick and deep the grease builds up, this cleanser is all you need.

People mostly heat the grill before scrubbing away the grease. But, with this one, you don’t require to heat the grill. Use the formula to clean grime and grease from the grill, even when it's cool. It will save both your fuel expense as well as time. 

Weber grill cleaner is non-toxic, non-flammable; thus, it's safe to use as it's biodegradable and free of phosphate, the formula checks for being an environmentally friendly product as well.

When you will use the formula, and your hands get contacts with it, there will be no skin irritation issue whatsoever. So, you will do fine without even wearing hand gloves. All you need is to spray the cleaner and wipe off using a wet cloth. It will effortlessly clean the grill within a few moments.

Like most other professional cleaners, this spray also has powerful cleaning properties. Removing the grease will make you feel comfortable while cooking, and also increase the taste of food as well.

This spray cleaner offers excellent value for the money with its powerful cleansing as well as saves your money from burn off more gas. If you want to take your grill game to the next level, Weber grill spray is all you need.

​06. ​SuperClean 32 Oz Multi-Surface All Purpose Cleaner Spray

Most conventional all-purpose cleaners don’t adequately deal with grime and grease except for cleaning kitchen related things. SuperClean is an all-purpose cleaner spray, yet it’s strong enough to clean a wide variety of stuff along with kitchen appliances.

What we like :
  • ​Super strong cleaning agents.
  • ​Works much faster even on the thickest greasy surface.
  • ​Biodegradable and phosphate-free.
  • ​Versatile use.
  • ​Can be diluted.
What we don't like :
  • ​May dissolves some paints if you let it stay on a surface for too long.
  • ​Odor can be strong for chemically sensitive individuals.

The strong chemical properties of this solution dissolve grease as soon as it gets in contact with the surface. It can quickly remove grime, grease, as well as oil, wax, tar, and dirt from where you spray it.

When you need to clean the toughest type of grime and grease, SuperClean degreaser is all you need. Its wide variety of cleaning fields include automotive, indoor, outdoor, recreation, and other miscellaneous things and materials.

Thick grease and grime are very hard to remove from stove-top. With this cleaner, it's not even an issue.

Furthermore, removing grime and grease from the grill isn't that easy. But with this one, you can clean the grill like a pro. You will also find the solution doing great when it comes to clean the exhaust filter, engines, tires, and even carpets.

Although the clean has industrial strength, it's biodegradable and phosphate-free. You will hardly find another water-based product equivalent to this one.

As per requirements, you can dilute the solution to 3:1, 8:1, 16:1 to get your desired results. Keep in mind that the more you dilute the formula, the weaker it gets. So, if you have to deal with heavy-duty cleaning, don't dilute it too much.

If you prefer having one cleaning solution in the house, instead of a few, this one is worth considering buying.

​07. ​Krud Kutter Kitchen Degreaser All-Purpose Cleaner

Another kitchen degreaser from the brand Krud Kutter. This time, it’s an all-purpose cleaner that comes great at cleaning grimy messes and greasy substances from a wide variety of surfaces.

What we like :
  • ​High performing degreaser.
  • ​Works on a wide variety of household items and materials
  • ​EPA certified and environment-friendly.
  • ​Leaves no fragrant.
  • ​Can be used as a general-purpose cleaner both inside and outside the house.
What we don't like :
  • ​Doesn’t work well on wood.

Great recipes come with great messes. This is something that even professional chefs cannot deny. But you don’t have to tolerate the messy and greasy kitchen room when you have this solution in your hand.

Whether it's your stove-tops, countertops, hoods, walls, or even cabinets, just spray the formula on the surface and wipe off using a wet cloth, and plan for what food items you will prepare the next day. The clean and grease-free surface will surely inspire you to prepare even delicious items.

Solutions that can clean tougher and thicker grease are mostly made of various chemical substances, which can be harmful to use on food prep surfaces. But this one is an exception. You can clean the food preparing area with it without worry.

You can also use it for cleaning grills, fabrics, showers, and many other household items. Other than that, the solution is also safe to use on stainless steel, sealed stone as well as granite.

Like most other degreasers on our list, this one is also free from toxic. EPA certified the product as safe for people, pets, and plants. So, it's environmentally friendly as well.

With that being said, you can use it on a wide variety of things and materials both inside and outside the home, which make it the best degreaser for kitchen cabinets as well as other things.

​08. ​Simple Green Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser

This industrial degreaser is an all-purpose formula that you can use on various types of surfaces. As it's an industrial degreaser, it comes in large quantities. Of course, you can use it in your house if you think you need a massive cleaner of about 5 gallons.

What we like :
  • ​Industrial purpose.
  • ​Cleans a wide number of washable surfaces and materials.
  • ​Can also be used with cleaning equipment.
  • ​Non-Flammable, non-toxic; safe to use.
  • ​Professional level cleaning.
What we don't like :
  • ​Requires gloves for using it, otherwise can cause skin irritation.

The concentrated formula works great on all washable surfaces. You can use it to remove thicker grease, heavy dirt, food residue, and stains from any washable surfaces of both industrial and household things.

Apart from kitchen cleaning, the solution is also effective at cleaning oils, built-up grime, cutting fluids, and residue on various equipment, machinery, and vehicles.

Cleaning countertops, sinks, carpet, tile, upholstery, flooring, etc. is much easier using the solution.

The exciting part is, other than using the cleaner manually; you can use it with various cleaning equipment such as carpet extractors, pressure washers, dip tanks, steam extractors, parts washers, and foamers as well.

As far as industrial use is concerned, Simple Green degreaser does a great job when it comes to serving a wide range of areas such as manufacturing, janitorial, food, processing, MRO, mining, engineering, automotive, and transportation.

The formula is non-toxic and biodegradable. When it comes to select a chemical product for industrial use, it must be non-flammable so that there is no chance of accidents.

OSHA and EPA certification make Simple Green degreaser widely acceptable and safe to use.

If you are looking for a cleaning formula for industrial use, this one can be the perfect one to meet that requirement.

​09. ​Zep Fast 505 Cleaner and Degreaser

If you are more up to cleaning outdoor exposed areas, objects, and materials, Zep cleaner is the right choice in this regard.

What we like :
  • ​Removes dirt, grease, and oil much faster.
  • ​Versatile use.
  • ​Cleans various materials.
  • ​Can be used on tools and machinery.
What we don't like :
  • ​Contains heavy-duty chemicals.

Things that we leave in the garage, shops, and outdoors, are constantly exposed to elements such as dirt and grease. These areas require even stronger cleaner than what we use indoor. Zep professional-grade cleaner can effectively clean and remove outdoor dirt and grease at ease.

You can use the formula for cleaning your tools, workspaces, kitchen appliances, and also grills. Outdoor furniture, car wheels, gutters, bikes look like brand new when the solvent cleans them. It works great at cleaning plastic, metal, and other tough surfaces, as well.

The solution makes a quick impact on the surfaces and cut through grime, grease, oil, and dirt. You don’t even need to do heavy scrubbing after spraying it. All it requires you to spray on the surface, wipe using wet clothes, and let it rinse for a minute, as simple as that.

This all-purpose cleaner can save you money by replacing all different sprays that you use for indoor and outdoor cleaning. One would be enough to clean kitchen appliances and outdoor tools, machinery, and more.

Considering the value, it offers, cleaning efficiency, versatile use, it would be the right decision if you go for this one to tackle both indoor and outdoor cleanings.

​10. ​La’s Awesome Concentrated Cleaner

Although it’s #10 product on our list, it offers a good cleaning service, which is compatible with others. This all-purpose cleaner doesn't only handle kitchen stains and grease; the formula is beneficial when it comes to day to day cleaning in households.

What we like :
  • ​Very effective at cleaning everything washable.
  • ​Free of harmful chemicals.
  • ​Versatile use.
  • ​Removes spots.
What we don't like :
  • ​Not quite effective at cleaning things from wood.

Many conventional degreasers take care of the grease only; they stay heedless about eliminating the spots from surfaces. This cleaner makes sure your kitchen stuff is properly degreased as well as there is no spot on the surfaces. You can use the solution to clean pretty much every washable household thing.

Foods and cooking related grease, oil, coffee, food stains, the juice isn't an issue for this concentrated cleaner. Apart from that, it can also remove blood stains, liquor, pet stains, paint, ink, and many more.

Furthermore, you would be amazed to hear that it can also clean stains from carpets. Which is something you don't expect from such a cleaner? Spray it on the carpet and scrub for a few minutes, and you will see no sign of the stain whatsoever.

Stronger formulas mostly contain acid, ammonia, bleach, and other chemical substances for more efficient cleaning. But, this one from La's Awesome, doesn't contain any of these substances. Thus, the solution is very safe to use.

You can also address it as an environmentally friendly product as it is free of phosphorus as well.

Within this price range, this is the best household degreaser for all-purpose without a doubt.

How We Wrote This Review

Our team researched kitchen degreaser products for several days to make sure we can suggest the right products for every customer with different needs.

Although the research was solely based on web content, we took opinions from product experts as well, who knows how effective and efficient a degreaser is, and what conditions and materials they suit the most.

Besides, the most important fact is, we went through lots of reviews from the real users who have first-hand experience with the products. The pros and cons section of each product was based on reviews of real users.

Based on the overall ratings on Amazon and customer feedback, we positioned the products from #1 to #10. The topmost product is the best one on the entire list. On the flip side, the last product isn't the worst, but it lacks where the topmost products have the upper hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Use Kitchen Degreasers?

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How do you keep a kitchen clean and hygienic following strict guideline?

Final Words

Cleaning the entire kitchen will take time. This is something that normal people don't do regularly. The best kitchen degreaser will keep your kitchen neat and clean if you use it daily.

Depending on the condition and cooking pattern, one needs to clean the kitchen one to three times a month. However, if you have to maintain a professional kitchen, be sure to clean regularly to prevent things getting more complicated.


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