EVOO vs Vegetable Oil? – Which is Better for Cooking?

So, wondering which is better for cooking? If you go shopping, you would see a good many options out there - and the better the shopping place you go to, the more the choices would you find.

You don't need to buy out all the varieties though - you just need to know whether you need to pick the extra virgin olive oil or the classic vegetable oil.

For that, you would need to know just what the ingredients of these two are, and since we know that's the dilemma most of you may have, we decided to answer it for you!


Which of the oils should dominate your kitchen- Extra virgin oil or Vegetable oil?

 Extra virgin oil is beginning to replace the conventional cooking oils in the kitchen.

However, the production and consumption of vegetable oils remain unchanged. How is that so?


Let’s take a closer look:


Extra Virgin Olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive oil is made by pressing and squeezing olives which are then bottled for sale and use.

Extra Virgin’ implies the oil is unrefined and healthy as the good fat is not broken down which usually happens in processing. The purity of the oil is judged by its color, taste and aroma.

Extra virgin olive oil contains healthy mono unsaturated fats which are salubrious.


Vegetable oil

vegetable oil

Vegetable oils are made from different types of vegetables. The name of the oil is derived from the vegetable they are extracted from.

Most commonly used vegetable oils are Canola oil, grapeseed oil and peanut oil. Unlike Extra Virgin Olive oil, vegetable oils are mostly processed and refined.

So while they may be high in monounsaturated fats when raw, processing reduces the health benefits.


Which is better?

Olive oil is definitely healthier of the two but for consumption purpose, the comparison becomes irrelevant as both have individual uses and both are primarily used differently.

Olive oil has a very low smoke point. So, it cannot be used for deep frying or in heavy cooking. It is good for sauté or for uncooked seasoning.

Vegetable oil, on the other hand, has a high smoke point. This makes it the only choice for heavy cooking and frying.

So while Olive Oil may be ranked better in terms of taste and health when compared with vegetable oils, the nature of cooking and the food to be cooked decides which oil to use.


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