In the times that we are, finding the best ductless range hood is no longer a luxury but by far a necessity. Regardless of the current luxury placement on living space and the nature of many contemporary kitchens requiring open spaces and streamlined lines, setting up a ducted hood is practically not cool.

Ductless range hoods are mounted over your oven, stove or range top in the home and use a combination of a filtering system and fast air circulation to help reduce and eliminate cooking odors, gases and smell. Thanks to the fact that a ductless hood does not just ventilate, but rather incorporates a filtration device, this circulates air from which clean air is carried back into the kitchen. It means that you need a window with pure air flow to extract out unclean air from your kitchen while cooking food.

The best range hoods are those that are able to contain and remove smoke and fumes from the cooking range and exchange them quickly with air, thereby keeping the kitchen free of harmful gases. These hoods are way quieter than other similar hoods too. The lighting option makes it the most fun thing to have, like really amazing.


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Cosmo QS90 36-in Under-Cabinet RangeHood

Cosmo QS90 36-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood

[usr 5]


ZLINE 30 in. 400 CFM Wall Mount Range Hood

[usr 4.9]

Cosmo 5U30

Cosmo 5U30 30-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood

[usr 4.7]


Air King AD1306 Advantage Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood

[usr 4.5]


Zuhne Ventus Range Hood

[usr 4.5]

Kitchen Bath Collection 30-inch

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Range Hood

[usr 4.6]


Hauslane | Chef Series 30” PS16 Range Hood

[usr 4.3]


Awoco RH-C06-36 Range Hood

[usr 4]


Cosmo COS-668WRC75 30 in. Wall Mount Range Hood

[usr 3.7]


Broan-NuTone 413004 Ductless Range Hood

[usr 4.5]

What Exactly Is the Best Ductless Range Hood?

Basically, a ductless range hood is an efficient way of reducing and removing the odors from cooking in your kitchen.

There are basically two varieties of range hoods; the ducted and the ductless. The difference lies in the final location of the pollutant. While the ductless range hood ensures that the contaminant is trapped in ductless filters allowing only cleansed air to be circulated back into your kitchen, the ducted range hood, disposes the pollutant through the duct into the open air. This is what makes the best rated ductless range hood a far better option.

Considering the different best rated ductless hoods, there are varieties to the form they come; wall-mounted, under-cabinet mounted, the chimney style, and the island mounted.

Top 10 Best Ductless Range Hood Review

Let’s see the best of the ductless range hood, the number one being the best of the best, all down to the tenth one.

01. Cosmo QS90 36-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo QS90 36-in Under-Cabinet RangeHood

The Cosmo QS90 36-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood gets rid of harmful pollutants, odors and grease in the kitchen, all with ease, with a 65dB max noise level.  They have Cosmo ARC-FLOW Permanent Filters that are constructed of high quality stainless steel. This is about the best rated under cabinet ductless range hood.

With the push of a button, you get to control the power, lights, and the fan speed. With 2 very effective front 1.5w LED light that is mounted right below the wall mounted range hood to ensure you see better in the dark and do your cooking with adequate light, that way saving energy.

Are you seriously thinking about the best ductless range hoods under cabinet? I suggest you consider this first.

If there are other things you would want other those you see in this, still look at the other quality ductless range hood for your consideration.


  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet
  • Smart control


  • Need to clean the filters from time to time
  • Not for big restaurants

02. ZLINE 30 in. 400 CFM Wall Mount Range Hood


This design has the options of venting out (the steam, and all) and that of circulating back the air with the optional charcoal filters (configured for both). Unique design blends in with most workshop or garage settings. Fits ceiling heights 7 ft. to 14 ft. with optional chimney short kit or extension kit(s).

The plain fact is that the Z-line 30 is solid and does very good ventilation even at low speed.

One major feature that makes this range hood stand out is the strong motor. It has such a strong 760CFM motor that makes the collection of smoke, odor, heat and other form of pollutants super effective, thanks to the serious sucking power.

Depending on the use, you can adjust the speed to four different speeds.

This range hood has been rated one of the best ductless range hood with charcoal filters. It can still be used as ducted, that’s versatility there.


  • Quality suction even at low speeds
  • It’s strong and durable
  • Easy to install and to control


  • May not fit into all sizes of homes and kitchen
  • It can be loud

03.Cosmo 5U30 30-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo 5U30

This is about the most popular ductless range hood as well as a strong one. It is popular for a reason.

First, this is one of the best ductless range hoods. It can be also used ducted; you can convert to whichever you find suitable. Then, it is perfectly wired to fit into tight spaces and can fit too into larger apartments. Most importantly, it’s built for maximum durability.

The Cosmo 5U30 is about the best ductless under cabinet range hood with a reusable filter made of stainless steel for maximum durability. This multi-layered mesh filters has been fitted to help trap grease and oil effectively, this ensures the best possible filtration. This range hood is perfect for condos and apartments and yet fits into any home. Don’t forget that it has ducted to ductless converter. It’s quiet and yet powerful in most cases with as much as 5years warranty.


  • Saves space because of its size
  • Very durable
  • Easy to install


  • It usually has much suction
  • Because the light is positioned underneath the hood, it doesn’t make for good lighting.

04. Air King AD1306 Advantage Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood


The Air King AD1306 has this unique feature; the cold-rolled steel finish that is usually in black. But more important is the 2 speed motor that it runs by.

As a ductless range hood, it comes with a combination of grease and charcoal odor filters, to keep your space clean and free from odors of any kind.

It has a cooktop lighting (with on/off controls) for 60watts, that’s a bit of energy, but not much. The range hood is made for only ductless systems, so no use running ducts, which is a good thing depending on your situation. It is very suitable for homes. It has been designed in such way to fit into the overall décor of the home, to give it proper look. It really looks sleek. It can provide good ventilation, even with its low airflow rating. The Air King AD1306 usually comes with a one year warranty for users.


  • Sleek and aesthetic look
  • Easy to install
  • Fits without much remodeling needed


  • It’s not versatile, can’t be used for areas that allow for ducted systems
  • Consume a bit of energy

05. Zuhne Ventus Range Hood


This is basically a 30 inch Kitchen Wall Mount Ducted/Ductless Stainless Steel Range Hood or Stove Vent with Energy Saving Touch Control & LED Lights. It has been designed for spaces that have up to 8 to 9 feet ceilings. That means it can serve effectively areas like big factories and restaurants. It has one of the best filtrations with very energy efficient lighting.

Because of the way this range hood handles noise so effectively and it’s energy saving qualities, it has become the one of the best options of architects and designers. It’s very basic and easy to operate.

It is a good option to consider as it’s easy to set up especially if you have a little experience with installing range hoods.

Because it can be both ducted and ductless, it has a wide range of use. No matter the kind, it still effectively handles fumes, odors, and any other harmful contaminant.


  • Super filtration with good stainless steel filters
  • Affordable
  • Energy efficient with good LED lighting


  • Not suitable for low ceiling spaces
  • A bit technical if you don’t have enough experience with installation

06. Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Range Hood

Kitchen Bath Collection 30-inch

This is one range hood that is almost completely automated with control systems that are responsive to touch (touch screen), with every part completely stainless steel.

The range hood is simply light weighted and a good fit for varied spaces.

One unique thing about this range hood is the lighting. It lights so bright and yet energy effective. Your best bet if light is key thing for your, and of course energy saving for that matter. It shines over 3times brighter than the others.

A blend of the stainless steel and carbon charcoal filters ensure adequate filtration, and keeps your space clean of odors, fumes, smokes and other pollutant.

Because the lights are too bright, they can reach way beyond the kitchen, to the rooms, as they are not wired for under the hood. It can make a bit of noise too.

Overall, this is still a good choice range hood.


  • Good filtration with high CFM
  • Fits into any modern kitchen
  • Easy to use touch screen controls


  • It makes a bit of noise, but not annoying
  • The light can be too bright

07. Hauslane | Chef Series 30” PS16 Range Hood


The Hauslane PS16 Range hood is one best ductless under-cabin range hood; it comes with a metallic control button, and aluminum filters.

Think of a range hood that comes with 3way venting, with vertical, rear vents and the ductless.

It is light, sleek and very portable, just about 36 pounds. It certainly fits into a varied range of modern kitchen design but it’s not one you go for when looking for durability especially with the filters.

This is ideal for ductless kitchen, with charcoal cotton that makes it easy to trap grease and remove every form of odor. The charcoal cotton comes separately though.

It has power enough to clean up a room of smoke and pollutants in a short time, without the mention of the good look which still comes at pocket friendly price.

This is a quality range hood, and can last well for you if used carefully.


  • Easy to install
  • Stylish and very elegant design
  • Bright energy saving light


  • Not very durable filters, made of aluminum
  • The mechanic buttons can be an issue if no used with care

08.Awoco RH-C06-36 Range Hood


This is a very sleek designed modern range hood, suitable for kitchen cabinets that are less than 12’’ deep. Under Cabinet 4 Speeds 900CFM Range Hood with 2 LED Lights, and 6’’ round exhaust vents but no rear vent. Check the kind of venting duct you already have in your kitchen before purchase, as it has both the rectangular and round ducts.

It has the quiet, low, medium, and high soft buttons for the 4 varied power ranges. When it’s high it can make a great noise. But not the annoying kind

Imagine having an auto shut-off geared at helping you eliminate leftover smoke after you’re done cooking? How cool is that? This is because of the 3 dishwasher baffle filters designed in a commercial style air filters made of stainless steel. The filters help to trap the oils, without the use of oil holders.

It remains one of the good range hoods.


  • Powerful in operation
  • Up to 3 years warranty
  • Good lighting with energy saving LED lights


  • It can take much energy at high speeds.
  • It could make noise at higher speeds

09. Cosmo COS-668WRC75 30 in. Wall Mount Range Hood


The Cosmo COS-668WRC75 is a modern design range hood with push button controls, Ducted Exhaust vent, 3 Speed fan for ventilation, good LED Lighting, Permanent Filters in Stainless Steel, 30 inches. The ductless range hood comes with optional carbon filter kit.

The permanent filters means you don’t need to be replacing filters from time to time, you just need to clean them up and you’re good to go.

Talk of super filtration; a 760 CFM range hood classically rids your kitchen of all kinds of pollutants with maximum airflow and at low noise level. Pollutants like grease, fumes, and smokes have no place.

It usually comes with installation kits which make it easy to install and as much 5 year warranty

It has made it to the list of best rated ductless range hoods for its modern design that fits into a wide variety of kitchen décor and other qualities.


  • Modern design, yet strong and durable
  • Low noise level
  • Good airflow and ventilation
  • Saves you money on filters


  • Requires regular cleaning of the filters
  • Consumes more energy with heavy suction

10. Broan-NuTone 413004 Ductless Range Hood


This is the last in the list of the best ductless range hood with charcoal filters; with incandescent lighting that take up to 75W. It has a simple easy to control switches for the light and the 2-speed fan.

Because of its design, it can only be mounted at least 18” above the cooktop.

It prides in the ease of care, simply for the Charcoal filter, which is replaceable. This makes it easy for you to maintain your ductless range hood while effectively capturing the grease and keeping your kitchen clean and odorless.

This ductless range hood effectively handles smokes and odors considering that it is well constructed and strong with a grease charcoal filter that handles all manner of pollutants.

And yes, the filters cannot be washed and reused, so it needs to be replaced after a period of maximum 6months. Even with this, it is a good buy.


  • Quality filtration with not too much energy
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Durable, portable and with good lighting


  • Regular replacement of the charcoal filters after 6months.
  • No sensor controls just switches

Things to Consider before Buying a Ductless Range Hood

What do you have to check for so you don’t just spend your hard-earned money for nothing?

You want to look at why you need the range hood in the first place, and then where you want to use it; at home, the garage, or workshop or at a big restaurant.

First, note that if you have to handle a large space, pick the best ductless range hood that befits the task. Look out for the lighting and the energy consumption too. It is important also to check if it’s easy to install, then the durability. You may want find out again the filters, if they are permanent, reusable or what. These are primarily necessary basic checks to consider while making a buying decision that you won’t regret.

How we Wrote This Review

Considering the value we place on proper and adequate information, we had to research the products from real users sharing their personal experience of the products; find out which hoods with the highest customer ratings, those who have previously bought and used these devices

 Also understand from product experts their views, and of course very intensive research, all to be able to fine-tune our finding and properly advice on this product range.

We don’t claim to know it all, but can beat our chest that this is the best of it you can find as far as this product is concerned. This is because a quality product need to be spotlighted otherwise it’s no difference from any other in the market, as users will have no option than to learn by experience, which could be costly.

Armed with this knowledge and with your own needs in mind, you now can easily pick the ductless range hood fit for your kitchen.

My Final verdict:

Following your budget, your purpose for use, and the design/pattern of your apartment these should be what you should be gunning for. So feel free to pick any of these you so desire.

They’ve been rated best ductless range hood for effectiveness and efficiency, and will definitely keep your kitchen clean by simply removing the smells of cooking, oils and smoke from all the rooms.

They’ve all got their uniqueness from 1-10, and still remain a great buy. These hoods will make sure that the walls of your kitchen are not greased.

I am optimistic you’ll have a good experience.


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