Best Kitchen Knife Sets-‘Edgy’ Knives For Your Culinary Needs

A good knife set can transform your confidence in the kitchen. You’ll find yourself swiftly and easily slicing through any obstacles that stand in your way. A knife set contains mostly all the knives you need in one place and often come with a knife block for easier storage. This enables you to keep all your cutting essentials in one place!

This article focuses on reviewing the top rated best kitchen knife sets and which one could be the best for you. You might be looking for a set of knives to help you kick-start your culinary career or something that will serve you well in your home kitchen.

 Well, to help you make wiser choices, we reviewed all the basic features of these sets and how they can potentially help you in the kitchen. You can check out all available options, from the most affordable to the most high-end!

Our Top Three Picks:

Best Overall- Mercer Culinary 6 Piece - Genesis Knife Set: The Mercer Knife set has razor-sharp blades and an ergonomic handle. The blade can hold an edge for a long time. All this at an affordable price!

Best Value- Cangshan Swedish Sandvik TC Series: This set gives you a huge arsenal of high-quality knives, all at a very affordable price.

Premium Choice-Cangshan 14-Piece Block Set: High-quality Swedish Sandvik Steel that does not rust or stain, with a high price to match makes it a premium professional choice!

Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Knife Set

Editor's Rating

Cangshan Swedish Sandvik TC Series

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Cangshan Swedish Sandvik 14-Piece TV2 Series

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Things to Consider Before Buying A Knife Set:

To help you choose the best knife set according to your preference, we have compiled a list of things you should consider. Here they are:

Number and Type of Blades: First and foremost, you need to consider which types of knives you will be needing. Think about it! For a home cook, do 8 steak knives really matter? Or could a professional cook get by on just one? Of course not! Go through all the knives in the set and consider if you really need them. There is no point in investing in a large set if half of it will be collecting dust.

For home cooks, generally, three or 4 knives will do. The most important ones are a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a serrated blade.

Sharpness: Next, you should consider whether the blades are sharp enough or not. Most premium knife sets can cut through paper with one swipe. However, initial sharpness is not the only forte to look out for. The ability to retain the sharpness counts as much. There’s no point if the knife needs to be sharpened every few days. We recommend you pick out the sharpest knife that can hold its edge for longer.

Handling: Check if the knife is comfortable to hold. For professional cooks who cut and slice for hours on end, this can be a very important feature. If it's not ergonomic, it can cause hand strain and fatigue. You should be able to use it swiftly. Furthermore, it should fit your hand nicely and should not slip. Otherwise, it could result in cuts.

Weight: Lighter models should be preferred as they are easier to handle and do not cause as much strain. However, some prefer a heavier feel for more power.

Balance:  The weights should be evenly distributed between the blade and the handle. This ensures a smoother cutting action.

Construction Material:

Another point to consider is the material the blade is made from. The most common ones are:

  • Carbon Steel: These are easier to sharpen and hold an edge for longer. However, they can rust easily.
  • Stainless Steel: Tarnish- and stain-resistant, but can get dull easily.
  • Signature Stainless Steel- A combination of both Carbon and Stainless, however, they are costly.
  • Ceramic- Razor sharp edges, but break easily.

Top Ten Kitchen Knife Sets Product Reviews:

01. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Knife Block Set, 6-Piece:

Mercer 6-Piece Cutlery Genesis Set is synonymous with high-quality professional cutlery. Their superior precision knife sets, as well as the ergonomic handle, lands them at the very top of our list.

Features and Benefits:

The Cutlery Genesis 6-piece knife set includes a chef, bread, boning, utility, and paring knives as well as a knife holder. What’s truly unique about these high-quality knives is that they are precision forged from high carbon, non-staining German Steel. Users noted they do not rust, corrode or discolor.

According to experts, forged knives are stronger than other knives and retain their sharp edges for longer so, you won’t have to sharpen them very often.

Moreover, the knives are balanced and weighted so they will not slip easily. This results in a safer kitchen environment.

Also included for your comfort is an ergonomic Santoprene Handle that offers a non-slip grip.

The edges of the knives are a taper-ground edge. This allows for much more stability when cutting. The knife block is made of tempered glass which makes it easier to see which knife you’re pulling out!


  • Sharp, durable knives.
  • Non-slip, ergonomic grip.
  • Easy to see holder.
  • Well-balanced and weighted.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • Harder to clean block.
  • Knives retain milky water spots.

All in all, the Mercer Knife Set is perfect in terms of grippy, rust resistant and well-balanced knives.

02. Cangshan Swedish Sandvik TC Series - 17-Piece Knife Block Set:

If you’re looking for more versatility in your knife set, then none can beat the Cangshan 17-piece set. The durable and sturdy knives with exceptional sharpness render this the best!

Features and Benefits:

The Cangshan Swedish Sandvik 17-Piece Knife Set includes a wide variety of knives such as a chef, bread, santoku, boning, and other knives along with shears and a block. This ensures that everything you need is available to you in a single set.

These knives are fully tang forged from Swedish Sandvik Steel which, experts agree, renders the knife sharper than German Steel and helps it retain the edge 5 times longer than a regular knife.

Most users note that the knives are easy and comfortable to use as well. The handle designs are Patent or Patent Pending which makes them unique. These designs help the knives accommodate a natural, yet firm grip. 

The holder is angled which means taking the knives out is much easier. The knives are NSF certified as well with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty so you can rest assured that your investment is safe and secure


  • Large variety.
  • Easy and comfortable.
  • Sharper and retains edge longer.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • NSF Certified with a lifetime warranty.


  • Flimsy Holder.
  • Not dishwasher safe.

The Cangshan Set is a unique set with a large variety of sharp and sturdy knives that retain their edge for longer.

03. Cangshan Swedish Sandvik 14-Piece TV2 Series - DENALI Magnetic Knife Block Set:

Another versatile set from Cangshan, this one boasts of a 3-part magnetic holder that firmly anchor to each other. Of course, the knives are sharp and comfortable to use as well!

Features and Benefits:

The Cangshan 14 piece set consists of a chef, bread, santoku, boning, serrated utility, paring, peeling, steak, honing steel as well as shears and a maple block. All these knives, like the 17-piece set, are forged from high Alloy Swedish Sandvik Steel. This grants it remarkable sharpness and a better ability to retain the edges. Like other users, you will find the knives that remains hair slicing sharp for a long while.

Also included is an ergonomic and Patented handle design which makes it easy to grasp. The knife is ergonomic as well so you can easily cut away for hours on end without feeling any kind of strain on your hands. The Wooden block is made from Acacia wood and features 3 separate parts that can be held together by magnets. You can easily disconnect them and use them separately to keep your essential knives closer to you!


  • Easy to grip and comfortable to use.
  • Sharp and retains edge for longer.
  • Allows you to keep essential knives closer to you.
  • Perfect curvature.
  • Contains many different types of knives.


  • Harder to pinch.
  • Reacts with a bouncing edge to rocking motions.

The end verdict is that these knives are extremely sharp and will stay sharp for longer. They are very comfortable and easy to use!

04. DALSTRONG Phantom Knife Set Block:

The Dalstrong Phantom Set of knives is an elegant and sharp culinary showpiece, masterfully handcrafted. They are sharpened between 13-15 degrees for swift, effortless yet precise cuts!

Features and Benefits:

The Phantom Set of knives are masterfully elegant and razor sharp with the perfect kind of balance you would expect from any professional knife. They are full tang and precision forged using high Carbon Japanese Steel for better sharpness, edge retention, and durability. They are ice-tempered. Experts say that this makes them rust and corrosion resistant! This means these etched knives will last you a lifetime.

The blade is perhaps only outshined by the hand polished handle with an ergonomic bolster shape which fits easily into the palm of your hand. These make it easier for a pinch grip. Also included is a Knife block with premium strength magnets on both sides for a more secure holding. They even boast of extra space so you can steadily add to your collection. According to users, the block is easy to clean which will keep all your utilities sanitary.


  • Fits into your hands easily.
  • Sharp, sturdy and rust resistant.
  • Easy to pinch grip.
  • Sanitary wood block, easier to clean.
  • Space saving storage.


  • The etched text is a little rough.
  • Hook at the bottom makes it a little harder to use.

The Phantom knife set is a gorgeous looking set with mirror shined, sharp knives and an easy to clean sanitary wood block for storage.

05. J.A. Henckels 19-piece - International Forged Premio Knife Set:

The JA Henckels Premio Knives are truly premium in both quality and build. These extremely balanced blades ensure that you can cut through the hardest of groceries like paper!

Features and Benefits:

The JA Henckels Premio Knife set is a set of 19 different knives each of which performs a separate function. All these knives are extremely sharp as they are fully forged and stamped with a full tang. Our experts admired the stainless steel cap at the top as it ensures that they do not rust or corrode easily. Although the knives have great edge retention, users note that they are still easy to resharpen. So, even if the edge fails you, you can still get the same hair-slicing sharpness of the original knife.

The knife comes with a wooden block with a Cherry finish to hold all the knives in one place. The three rivet design of the bolster handle design not only makes the knives comfortable to use but also grants them with a better balance. Lastly, these knives look as good as they perform so you can proudly display your beautiful collection at the very forefront of your kitchen.


  • A versatile number of knives.
  • Ergonomic and well-balanced.
  • A gorgeous and attractive finish.
  • Sharp and rust resistant.
  • Better edge retention and extremely easy to resharpen.


  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • The steak knife is not well-serrated.

Overall, the JA Henckels Premio Knife Set is a well-balanced set, despite a few minor cons, which will be a great addition to any kitchen!

06. Cutlery Knife Stainless Steel 15-piece Kitchen Knife Set:

The Cutlery Knife Set is an elegant and modern looking set with knives that are precise and easy to clean. These classic knives will last you long with their rust-resistant finish.

Features and Benefits:

The razor sharp knife set consists of 12 different knives as well as shears, a knife block as well as a bamboo cutting board. The knives were forged in a single piece with optimized weight for a better balance. This is why you will find them very easy and swift to use. They are strong and hard and resist any stains, rust or pits. What’s unique is how easy these knives are to sharpen and how surgically precise you can cut with them!

The handle is a non-slip one which is precisely constructed to fit the contours of your palm perfectly. It is easy to clean as well because it has a tendency to reduce any sticking caused by oil or grease. The durable cutting board and block ensure easy cutting and storage of the set. What’s more is the lifetime warranty the manufacturer offers!


  • Non-slip handle.
  • Easy to store.
  • Surgically precise knives
  • Sturdy and rust resistant.
  • Easy to sharpen.


  • The scissors may not be as durable.
  • The steel is of lower quality.

Although Cutlery Knife Set has a few flaws, they can be easily outweighed by the benefits it has to offer as well as the affordable price.

07. Chicago Cutlery Insignia Steel Knife Block Set:

Another extremely versatile set, the Chicago Cutlery Insignia Steel Knife Set comes with sleek and sharp knives with a taper for better balance. They are perfect for those looking for high quality under a budget.

Features and Benefits:

The 19-Piece Set includes about 16 different knives, a wood block with a built-in sharpener, shears and a bamboo cutting board. The razor sharp blades are constructed from high carbon stainless steel to ensure a longer lasting knife with a hard edge. As a result, these are easy to resharpen and easily resist any staining or rusting. The 25 degrees taper grind edge ensures precise cutting a better bounce while mincing.

The knives are strong and sturdy as well so, users found that they don’t bend that easily. The handles are a beautiful silver satin finish for an easier grip. They are contoured for comfort and to fit into the hand like a glove. Also included is a wooden block which includes a built-in sharpener so you can easily re-sharpen your knives every time you insert them in.


  • Built-in sharpener inside the block.
  • Strong and sturdy knife design.
  • Grippy handle.
  • Easily resharpened knives.
  • Versatile components.


  • The holes on the wooden block are misaligned.
  • Shears may come apart during cleaning.

The Chicago Cutlery Knife Set, with its versatile, easy to use and sharp knives is perhaps the best within its price range.

08. McCook Stainless Steel MC25 14 Pieces kitchen knife set:

An FDA Certified Knife Set, the McCook MC25 Knife Set is a tarnish resistant set of cutlery designed specifically to suit all your needs. They are affordable as well with a high-quality reputation to boot.

Features and Benefits:

The McCook is a high quality set with high carbon stainless steel knives. They’re perfect for culinary use as well as for regular kitchens. Perhaps what’s most noteworthy is the tarnish resistant and rust-resistant stainless steel. According to experts, this is a direct indication of the high-quality steel. These will last you longer than most. They are equipped with a taper grind technology which most users have noted makes them more precise and easier to cut with.

Also included is an ergonomically designed handle that provides comfort when handling the knife. The knives can be easily stored in a wood block so that its edge retains for longer. Also included is a built-in sharpener with the block to ensure that you can easily sharpen the knives when you please.


  • Tarnish and rust-resistant finish.
  • High-quality steel.
  • Precise cuts.
  • Comfortable handling.
  • Easy storage and sharpening.


  • Smaller blades don’t sit snugly into the block.
  • Small bread knife.

In conclusion, the McCook is a great set to have by your side. Although it has a few drawbacks that we mentioned, at the price point who can argue?

09. Cangshan Swedish Sandvik 3-Piece TN1 Series Starter Knife Set:

The Cangshan 3-Piece starter kit is the perfect high-end knife set with a price to match. The set is best used for beginners who are just starting out on their culinary journey.

Features and Benefits:

This high-end knife set includes an 8-inch chef’s knife, a 5-inch serrated utility and a 3.5 inch parring. These are the perfect combination for basic tasks and culinary recipes. The exceptional steel quality is due to the high Alloy Swedish Sandvik Steel which grants the knives sharpness. These knives can hold an edge for longer so, you can concentrate on your skills rather than resharpening them all the time.

The award-winning unique handle design features an ergonomic matte finish. Users noted that the knife feels a little heavier, but not too heavy as to cause discomfort. You need not worry about storing these knives as they come with a separate sheath. The carbonized solid ash wood sheath is half open and is magnetic for a more secure and firmer hold.


  • Cuts through groceries easily.
  • Easy to store.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Best for beginners.
  • Secure and firm hold by the sheath.


  • Slippery handles.
  • Handles can get fingerprint marks after use.

All in all, the Cangshan 3-Piece Knife Set is perfect for beginners as it is easy to use and can perform all basic functions that a beginner might need.

10. Ginsu Gourmet 12-Piece Chikara Series Forged Japanese Steel Knife Set:

The Ginsu 12-piece set barely makes it to the end of our list due to its expertly forged steel which gives the user the perfect blend of control and power.

Features and Benefits:

The Ginsu Chikara Series is a premium Japanese Steel made from one piece and are perfectly forged to grant them with the durability every professional chef requires. They are razor sharp and are low maintenance. So you don’t have to polish them or re-sharpen them quite so often. They are weighted and well-balanced so you can have the perfect control over your cutting motion!

The knife set consists of a chef, santoku, serrated utility, utility, paring, steak and honing knives as well as a pair of shears and a bamboo wooden block. The rounded Japanese handles are heat and water resistant so you don’t have to worry about taking the knives too close to the fire. The handle is ergonomic and comfortable to hold as well. The blades are rust resistant as well.


  • Durable and premium quality steel.
  • Heat and water-resistant handle.
  • Well-balanced.
  • Sharp and easy to re-sharpen.
  • Rust resistant.


  • Edge doesn’t hold for long.
  • Plastic handles with the steak knife.
The Ginsu Chikara Japanese knife set is perfect for home cooks and beginners looking to try a decent set of knives.

How We Wrote This Review?

You might wonder how exactly were we able to decide, which knife sets were the best and which ones were not. Well, the topic required in-depth research. We had to pull up a lot of resources to get an exact idea of how the sets performed.

  • Amazon Reviews:

One of the top resources were the countless Amazon reviews where the users left their thoughts and comments. Most of them detailed what they liked about the product while others described what minor flaw they could find. We checked the pros and cons which were most consistent and noted them down.

  • Real User Reviews:

Of course, Amazon reviews could easily be fake, so we set out to chatting with actual users of these knives. A couple of users we could find among our co-workers and friends while other we found through social media. They relayed to us the quality of the product and whether they faced any problems or not.

  • Experts Opinion:

Next, we headed over to experts in the kitchen and asked them which qualities would make them the best knife sets. Mostly, we were able to find blogs by these experts defining the tools they considered precious. We compared them with our list and narrowed down our contenders.

As you can see, the reviews were based on actual research! Oftentimes users might find reviews to be biased and advertise the product rather than review it. Well, this research review will help you find the real-time performance of the product before you even use it!

How To Sharpen Knife Without Sharpener?

Dull knives are a headache as they will yield messy results and are hard to deal with. If you do not have a sharpener, you can easily use the bottom of ceramic to sharpen your dull knives. The rougher edge on the bottom of the ceramics makes for a great sharpener. Simply rub the edge of your knife against it and you’re good to go.

You can also try using the bottom of pots, bricks or stones.

How To Care For Kitchen Knives?

The following are a few tips to ensure the long life of your kitchen knife:

  • Store them properly:  Ensure that your blades are protected at all times. You can use a wooden block or a magnetic strip with sheaths to ensure the blades are not open. Some blocks come with a built-in sharpener so we definitely recommend that.
  • Keep your blade sharpened:  Dull knives could cause you to exert more force which could result in the knife slipping and curring you. Sharpen your blade anytime you feel it has lost its edge. You can use a honing rod or a sharpening block to sharpen your edges.
  • Don’t use a Dishwasher:  Dishwashers can damage the blade by knocking it without utensils. The harsh chemicals can even deteriorate your blade. Plus, you could cut yourself trying to reach for it. Hand-wash them with soap and dry immediately. 
  • Wash Immediately after use:  Wash knives immediately after using them as food can stain or congeal on it. This would make it harder to clean and would require scrubbing which could damage the blade.

FAQs for Kitchen Knife Set:

Question : What grit sharpening stone should I buy?

Question: Are knives with an initial sharp edge good?

Question: Which is better? A knife Set or Individual knives?

Final Verdict:

All in all, the top 10 best kitchen knives are sure to serve you well. It's not necessary that our top pick will be suited for you. You should make your own choice based on your purpose, budget, and design. Although we must say that out 10 picks are an equal balance of these three. These products were amazing and highly rated by users and experts alike. So, get ready to dice and slice your way into the kitchen with our top picks!

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